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The chances are you’ve been attending an underground podcast fight-club and you’ve heard the whisper of a podcast called Mindchimp but you’re in a dilemma…do you talk about Mindchimp or don’t you!! The podcast is available on all platforms, be it iTunes Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts…so get them earphones in, get comfy and be immersed into a great conversation with some of the sharpest, brightest minds in the game.


Challenge the status quo of Learning and ideas that are doing this


We try to keep our shows detailed but consumable. We understand what the mind loves.


Come and join us pick the brains of some of the best people on the planet.


As our platform grows, the more we will be sharing content.

Would you like to feature on our podcast and be a guest?

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Information is truly powerful, especially combined with the right minds.

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