Celebrating and growing as a community

Yes you the outcasts, the rebels, the square pegs that just don’t fit in the round holes, those who are constantly striving for change and asking the most important question which is WHY. 

More about our meet ups

Fed up of not getting the sounding board to share your ideas, visions and thoughts? Well great news, you have found your home. We grew tired of standard conferences, the constant need to wear your best professional face and not share who you really are. The chances are if you’re different in the pub to how you are in a work meeting, then this is the type of meet up for you…. You can be the unique snow flake that you are, there is no need to wear the professional mask. Wow fight the power…. So yes, we have a meet up every quarter (give or take) where we give a platform for people to share ideas, thoughts and test out new things… sometimes it’s not even talking about learning… In the past we have had people sharing personal stories demonstrating the change curve, people talking about mental wellbeing, the corporate environment, designing for behaviour change and the future of coaching to name just a few… Anyway, if you want to stay ahead of the curve and not miss out on getting a ticket (sorry to those who missed out last time), then sign up to our newsletter ‘Mindchimp Moments’. It comes out once a month and it’s where we will share our next location, the speakers and even the decks they used… we’re nice like that.

A few reasons to meet


During the meet ups we dive deep into L&D and OD. We make sure the meet ups are planned out, making the time spent an investment. Sharing ideas and talking about relevant useful information.


We want to meet new faces and develop a community that is full of like minded people. When you change your environment you change your life. So come down, mingle and grow together.


Oh yes, a key factor. Need we say anymore. Just be aware, the meets ups are super chilled, so come and kick back with us. Get comfy, relax, and open your mind.

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