What & How

"We do not remember days
We remember moments and experiences"

The What

We provide a variety of award-winning onboarding and induction approaches designed and tailored to the needs of your people and business. Let us help you get new hires up to speed faster with onboarding experiences that ensure they will stay! 

Learning about your organization and its values doesn’t just stop after a certain time period. It’s ongoing. We employ out of the box thinking and effective tools that are familiar and relevant to the user to guarantee they spend time learning what they need and want, when they need it.

Sprint Ideate and create Sessions Time to think differently and get faster results? We use a tried and tested design approach popular in organizations like Google, IDEO and Lego to facilitate efficient, effective sprints that deliver results. This can range from an intensive 4/5-day design sprint right through to a hackathon. Bring the spark back into a team experiencing a dip in creativity. Approach a business problem in an agile way where pure value and actionable results are the focus. Let us help you engage in a creative session where true collaboration and ideation lead to real solutions. 

The How

Over our time of designing, building and delivering we have learnt that the best way to get results and really understand what our client and their employee needs are  by walking  in their’ shoes” We do this using design thinking principles to provide a memorable, impactful experience. Individuals all have different learning needs, and each Organisation has their own culture, vision and values. So, rather than do a one-size-fits-all approach, we work to understand the needs of your business and your people. Our hands-on approach to diagnosis and empathic investigation means there’ll be no generic off the shelf solution. 

We take the data and insights to shape and design the specific experiences and solutions you need